Terms o uise

Gang Safe! Ziggy’s Road Safety Mission is a service provided bi Road Safety Scotland.

These terms an conditions o uise mak an agreement atween yersel an Road Safety Scotland. Thay will tell ye o yer richts an obligations in uisin this wabsite. Bi uisin the site ye agree tae be bound bi these terms o uise.

The terms and conditions o uise micht cheenge frae time tae time. Regularly reviewin these pages ensures ye are aye up tae date. It will ensure ye are aye aware o whit wittins we collect as weel, hou we uise thaim an in whilk circumstances, if onie, we will share it wi ither pairties.

Please contack us gin ye hae onie questions anent these terms an conditions o uise.


Road Safety Scotland seeks tae mak siccar that the wittins publisht on its wabsite are up tae date an accurate. Houivver, the information on the wabsite disnae constitute legal or professional advice an is no a substitute fer professional consultation wi a qualified expert. Road Safety Scotland cannae accept onie liability fer actions arisin frae its uise.

Road Safety Scotland cannae be held responsible fer the contents of onie pages referenced by an external link. Gin ye uise another site linkit frae this site ye dae this at yer ain risk an acknowledge that ye will nae langer be subject tae the terms an conditions o this site but micht be subjeck tae the terms an conditions o the linkit site.

Ye are responsible fer ensurin that yer ain computer system meets aw relevant technical specifications necessary tae uise the site an is compatible wi the site. Ye maun unnerstaun forbye that we cannae an dinnae guarantee or warrant that onie material available fer doonloadin frae the site will be free frae infection, viruses an/or ither code that has contaminatin or destructive properties. Ye are responsible fer pittin in place sufficient procedures an virus checks (includin anti-virus an ither security checks) tae satisfy oor pairticklar requirements fer the accuracy o data input an ootput.

These terms an conditions o uise are subject tae Scots Law an the jurisdiction o the Scottish Coorts.


Road Safety Scotland reserves aw intellectual property richts, including copyricht an trade marks on the Road Safety Scotland wabsite. Ye maun print single copies o onie pages o this wabsite fer yer ain personal an non-commercial uise but maunnae itherwise reproduce onie material on this wabsite in onie form athoot prior written permission.

Modifications tae Offerin

Road Safety Scotland reserve the richt tae cheenge, suspend or discontinue onie aspect o the site or the services provided thro it, includin yer access tae it. Unless explicitly stated onie new features on the site will be subject tae these terms an conditions.


We hae a firm commitment tae safeguardin yer privacy. Please review oor Privacy Policy the terms o whilk are incorporated intae, and considered pairt o, these terms o uise.