Privacy policy

The Data Protection Act
Onie personal data collectit thro this wabsite will be treatit as confidential in line wi the principles o the Data Protection Act 1998. We hae a legal duty tae proteck onie wittins we collect frae ye. We uise leadin technologies tae safeguard yer data, an keep strict security standarts tae prevent onie unauthorised access tae it. We dinnae pass on yer details tae onie third pairty or government depairtment unless ye give us permission tae dae this.

Collection an Uise o Personal Wittins
We collect yin kind o wittins frae veesitors tae this site: Site usage wittins frae session cookies an log files.

Cookies an Wabsite Traffic Analysis
Whan uisers enter the wabsite thair computers will automatically be issued wi ‘cookies’. Cookies are text files that identify uisers’ computers tae the Road Safety Scotland server. The wabsite then creates “session” cookies tae store some o the preferences o uisers movin aroon the wabsite, e.g. retainin a text-only preference. Cookies in thairsels dinnae identify individual users but identify jist the computer uised an thay are deletit on depairture frae the wabsite.

Monie wabsites dae this tae track traffic flows, whanivver uisers veesit thae wabsites.

The wabsite uises cookies tae measure uise o the wabsite includin nummer o veesitors, hou aften pages are viewed, an the city an kimtra o origin o uisers. This helps tae determine whit is popular an cin influence future content an development.

The wittins collectit bi Road Safety Scotland will include IP Address, pages veesit browser type an operatin system. The data will no be uised tae identify onie uiser personally.

Uisers hae the opportunity tae set thair computers tae accept aw cookies, tae notify thaim whan a cookie is issued, or no tae receive cookies at onie time. The last o these means that some personalised services cannae than be provided tae thon uiser.

Log files
Log files stored on the Road Safety Scotland wab server allou the recordin an analysis o uisers’ uise o the wabsite. Log files dinnae contain onie personal wittins.

Third Pairty Intermediaries
We uise an ootside contractor tae manage oor uiser database. This companie disnae retain, share, store or uise personally identifiable wittins fer onie secondary purposes.

Service Providers
We pairtner wi ither third pairties tae provide speceefic services. Fer ensample database development an hostin. Whan the uiser signs up fer these pairticklar services, we share names, or ither contact wittins wi the third pairty service providers sae that the third pairty cin supply these services. These third pairties are no alloued tae uise personally identifiable wittins except fer the purpose o providin these services.

Uisers o oor site are aye tellt whan thair wittins are gettin collectit bi onie ootside pairties. We dae this sae oor uisers cin mak an informit choice as tae whither or no thay shuid gang aheid wi services that need an ootside pairty.

This wabsite contains links tae ither sites. Please tak tent that we, Road Safety Scotland, are no responsible fer the privacy practices o sic ither sites. We eggle oor uisers tae be aware whan thay leave oor site an tae read the privacy statements o ilk an ivvery wabsite that collects personally identifiable wittins. This privacy statement jist applies tae wittins collectit bi this wabsite.

Users Under 18
Gin ye are alow 18, please ensure that ye get yer parent/guardian’s consent aforehaun whanivver ye gie personal wittins tae the wabsite. Users athoot sic consent are no alloued to provide us wi personal wittins.

Notification o Cheenges
Gin we decide tae cheenge oor privacy policy, we will post thae cheenges tae this privacy statement, an ither places we deem fittin sae oor uisers are aye aware o whit wittins we gaither, hou we uise thaim, an in whit circumstances, if onie, we disclose thaom. If, houivver, we are ettlin tae uise sic uisers’ personally identifiable wittins in a manner diffrent frae that stated at the time o collection we will notify uisers via email or bi postin a notice on oor wabsite fer 30 days.

Contact Infermation
If users hae onie questions or suggestions regardin oor privacy policy, please contact us.