Keepin kids safe an entertainit in the car

Keepin kids safe an entertainit in the car

If ye’ve ivver been involved in a bump in the car, ye’ll ken that even a wee shunt cin feel like a big impact. Nou imagine ye’re a bairn . A collision richt aff seems twice as big … an cin dae double the hairm.

The effects o a crash on a bairn that isnae richt strappit in are terrifyin. An even gin ye’re no in an accident, ye cin be fined if onie unner-14s in yer vehicle are fund no tae be wearin the richt bairn seatbelt. So showe bairns hou tae get in the car safely ilka time thay traivel.

Hou no practise thegither by playin Ziggy’s Click in Seatbelts gemme?

But whit are the rules on seatbelts? The law says that:

  • It is an offence tae drive wi a passenger alow 14 years auld that isnae wearin a seat belt or bairn restraint (car seat) in the front or back seat
  • A bairn shuid stairt uisein an adult belt whan thay reach 135cm or thair 12th birthday; whichivver comes first
  • Aw ither bairns maun uise a car seat / booster designit fer thair current wecht (the label on the seat will tell ye the wecht it is designit fer)
  • In buses an coaches wi seat belts fittit, passengers o 14 years an abune maun uise thaim. Bairns alow 14 years are strangly advised tae uise thaim

Choosin the richt car seat

Safety in the car stairts wi choosin the richt car seat: ower large or ower wee an it willnae dae the job it is designit fer. It’s warth notin that no aw car seats fit aw motors. Gin ye’ve read Ziggy’s Sunny Holiday wi yer bairn ye’ll ken that Andrew, Maggie and Ziggy aw hae thair ain special car seats. Tae find oot whilk type o car restraint is richt fer yer vehicle and yer bairn, veesit

Afore ye buy:

  • Aye look fer the United Nations ECE R44.04 mark/li>
  • Trest oot the child car seat in yer car afore buyin, as no ivvery seat fits ivvery car
  • Check yer vehicle's handbook fer compatibility

Aince ye’ve fund the richt size, hou no involve yer bairn in pickin the colour or pattern? This will help thaim see it as ‘thair’ ain seat. Gin thay like it, thay are mair likely tae sit in it athoot onie argiein!

Aince mair, as bairns like tae copy grown-ups, settin a guid ensample is key. Gin ye brak the law, thay’ll think thay cin as weel. Sae aye pit on yer seatbelt, nae maitter hou short yer journey. The Kids in the car campaign his some grand advice on hou tae drive safely.