Whit tae wear tae stay bricht an be seen

Whit tae wear tae stay bricht an be seen

Haein the richt claes on whan oot on the roads maks a huge difference tae yer safety. Aye mind Be Bricht, Get Seen.

Gin the drivers cin see bairns, thay cin tak mair care whan passin. Sae makkin siccar bairns cin be easily seen whan oot an aboot is a really important pairt o keepin thaim safe. Ziggy learnt aw aboot this at Halloween.

Whan the weather is dull, claes need tae be bricht, fluorescent or white.

Bricht colours cannae be seen in the dark, so at nicht reflective gear is the safest choice.

Bairns will learn anent the richt clothes tae wear as pairt o thair road safety lessons at nursery or schuil, but ye cin help bring this knowledge tae life. Hou no hae a go at playin some gemmes wi bairns tae learn thaim which o thair clothes are bricht, reflective or dark?

Aye mind, whit ye dae affects whit yer bairns think is OK, sae set a guid ensample an aye wear the richt claes yersel as weel.