Wee Books Fer Hame

Giein the wee Ziggy books tae tak hame is a key pairt o the early years approach. We howp that parents/carers will jine in thair bairns’ learnin gang wi Ziggy, an enjoy sharin the stories an activities at hame. It’s nivver ower early fer a bairn tae ta kip guid road safety habits that will last thaim aw thair days, sae it’s gey important fer adults tae set guid ensamples in real life situations.

Ower aw there are six beuks that will tak a bairn frae age 3 tae primary 1. In the twa pre-schuil years, bairns will get the first five books, follaed bi the final beuk whan thay gang on tae primary 1. In pre-schuil, the bairns will be gien the beuks to tak hame at the maist fittin time, fer ensample eftir the story his been read in class. The primary 1 book, 'Ziggy and Maggie Start Schuil', is a pairt o the Scottish Book Trust's Bookbug Primary 1 Faimlie Pack.

Ante-pre-schuil year (age 3-4)
Ziggy an the Lollipop
Ziggy Veesits Granny
Ziggy’s Sunny Holiday

Pre-schuil year (age 4-5)
Ziggy’s Halloween Wish
Ziggy Goes Zab-a-ding-a-wheeee

Primary 1 (age 5-6)
Ziggy an Maggie Stairt Schuil

At the end o August an Februar, Eddication Scotland's Distribution Centre will send oot an order form tae the pre-schuil a eddication sector. Frae the stairt o the new schuil year 2013/14, the primary 1 beuk ‘Ziggy and Maggie Start Schuil’ will be pairt o the Scottish Book Trust’s new Bookbug Primary 1 Family Pack.

In August, nursery staff will be able tae order the follaein wee beuks fer hame:

  • Ante-pre- schuil – Ziggy an the Lollipop
  • Ante-pre- schuil l – Ziggy Veesits Granny
  • Pre-schuil – Ziggy’s Halloween Wish

In Februar, nursery staff will be able tae order the follaein wee beuks fer hame:

  • Ante-pre-schuil – Ziggy’s Sunny Holiday
  • Pre-schuil – Ziggy Goes Zab-a-ding-a-Wheeee

The Primary 1 packs are distributed tae the local authorities taewards the end o September. Schuils will be encouraged tae haun oot the packs durin Book Week Scotland (Mon 24 - Sun 30 Nov 2014), but some micht haund thaim oot afore this.

An excitin collaboration

Road Safety Scotland is prood to pairtner wi The Scottish Book Trust tae reach aw wee bairns an thair parents/carers in Scotland thru the inclusion o the specially developit buggy book, 'Out and About', in the Bookbug Baby Bag.

This pairtnership extends forbye tae the inclusion o the primary 1 beuk 'Ziggy and Maggie Start Schuil' in the Bookbug Primary 1 Faimlie Pack, that is distributit tae aw primary schuils eftir the stairt o the new schuil year.